Integrated Access


High-quality, direct-dial calling offering superior service and competitive rates.

  • Consistent quality and service
  • The reach and reliability of a seamless global network
  • Simple, worldwide calling with "any-distance pricing"
  • High-quality voice transmission

Pick up the phone. Dial and talk. To virtually anyone. Located virtually anywhere. No boundaries to closing deals, responding to customers, or working with colleagues. Just clear, instantly accessible communications.

We offer the following Voice Services:

  • Local›Long Distance – Outbound, Inbound, ISDN
  • VoIP
  • Conferencing
  • Collaboration Services – Web enabled, Video Conferencing
  • Integrated Access
  • International


Connect with the speed and reach of our worldwide network. Because we proactively monitor and manage the voice network, you’re assured of quality and reliability. Because we operate globally, you can too. And more easily by streamlining your contracts and billing to a single service provider for all your offices. One rate structure. One bill. One report across the world. Saves time and trouble.