Our Process

At SCi, our engagement process is a personalized, face to face, consultative approach, where we identify quality services and growth objectives of companies seeking secure, scalable, confident voice & data services. We work hard to earn your trust; by researching all options available and providing you customized solutions in an evolving, technologically-advanced environment.

Our corporate clients rely on our help to guide decisions on building the most robust infrastructure possible; one they can rely on 24/7/365. We are committed to fulfilling your highest expectations to the best of our ability and we look forward to serving your demanding needs in the future.

Step 1: Discovery

SCi sales reps and engineers will set aside ample time to meet with you to understand your goals, budget and growth objectives. 

  • Perform audit of current spend / network layout and design
  • Uncover problem areas / past and current issues / immediate needs  
  • Review accounting issues / use of analytical software  / billing consolidation services
  • Review budget / software  and/or hardware  upgrades / managed services
  • Discuss future goals / growth requirements  / new platforms

Step 2: Analysis

Guided by SCi’s experienced executives, we save you valuable time researching different carriers’ products and services to fulfill your specific needs within your budget.

  • Secure competitive quotes from multiple partner carriers
  • Assessment of multiple carrier solutions / cost comparisons   
  • Compile report of alternate technologies / unified communications
  • Compare ROI on hardware solutions (if applicable)

Step 3: Implementation

SCi Operations Management & CSR Team work together with you to confidently take all necessary steps to successfully connect your custom solution and all value-added services.

  • Assign delivery team / responsibilities of multiple carriers and vendors
  • Oversee deployment / provisioning of new services
  • Perform audits / training on new equipment
  • Review initial invoices for accuracy / MAC requests

Step 4: Life-Cycle Maintenance

SCi will assign each customer a personal CSR to provide on-going support, saving customers time to open trouble tickets, resolve issues, assist with MAC requests and inform clients of related technological advancements. 

  • Provide 24/7/365 support / on-line tools
  • Perform proactive reviews / accounting and reporting analysis
  • Uncover areas for technology advancements and additional savings
  • Review efficiencies / cost savings of managed services