Data Services

Private Line

Dedicated, point-to-point data transmission service offering circuit speeds from T-1 or E-1 to STM-16/OC-48. SDH/SONET self-healing network architecture provides millisecond restoration of service for unparalleled continuous reliability.


  • City-to-city connections to 200 business centers
  • Secure, dedicated circuits
  • Worldwide, seamless networking
  • Convenience and reliability

Integrate your technology platforms and streamline your vendor relationships. Run an end-to-end, seamless, full-channel platform, free from interoperability problems.


Deploy quickly with our world-class provisioning centers. Link branches on five continents. You can connect to our network through a variety of access and equipment housing options, including Co-Location Service and our new facilities based Metro Services.


MultiProtocol Label Switching, an initiative that integrates Layer 2 information into Layer 3 within a particular autonomous system in order to simplify and improve IP-packet exchange.


This provides a great deal of flexibility to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion and bottlenecks in order to better manage your network.


  • A state-of-the-art global IP backbone–no backbone congestion
  • Use your existing Frame Relay and ATM technologies to access advanced IP technologies
  • Robust QoS to prioritize time time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP and video streaming
  • Performance is backed by industry leading SLA
  • Ideal for multimedia applications
  • Diverse billing options match bandwidth and budgetary requirements with competitive rates

Integrated Services

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) offers the power to create a seamless communications system that speeds and smoothes the flow of information without the expense of dedicated lines, modems and special cabling.


  • Satellite office communications
  • High-speed communications
  • Video-based collaboration
  • High-speed access to online services
  • High-speed transaction verification
  • Low-volume, general-data communications
  • Telecommuting
  • Video conferencing
  • Standby inter-networking
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote data monitoring/telemetry/security
  • Point-of-sale services
  • Distance learning

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across MANs to provide low cost, scalable and secure bandwidth.


It provides local area network (LAN)-to-LAN connectivity between two or more customer locations within a metro area, and is suitable for data applications that include data file transfer, Internet access, off-site data storage and access to hosting, outsourced mail and file server service, and outsourced application service. The service is also well suited to voice and video applications.


  • Point-to-point and multipoint service configurations
  •  Bandwidth options from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps2
  •  Secure and reliable service, with service level agreement (SLA) goals of up to 99.999 percent
  • availability with quality of service (QoS) feature
  •  Incremental bandwidth options in 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps increments on 10/100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps
  • interfaces, respectively
  •  150 Mbps option (select markets only)
  •  A completely meshed native Ethernet network


International Internet Port is reliable, Global Internet access. International Internet Port offers exceptional service level agreements (SLAs) and some of the highest customer access speeds in the industry today.


  • Extensive peering arrangements
  • Fast reroute and core redundancy
  • Comprehensive SLAs
  • Best-of-breed Internet network partners
  • Additional port option: e-mail services
  • Connectivity to 65 countries
  • Competitive network recovery times
  • SLA-backed network performance
  • Cost-effective

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