Why Mobile Expense Management?

The world of business communications is on a one-way path towards mobility solutions. The flexibility and productivity gains with mobile communications and data access cannot be dismissed by any enterprise that wants to remain competitive. Furthermore, the evolution of available technology platforms and personal preferences of employees leaves little choice but to integrate mobile telecommunications into the business model.

However, all of the access advantages can come with some serious management drawbacks. Unlike traditional landline phone systems, mobile technology is extremely dynamic.

New devices and applications are constantly released that staff barely has time to learn how to use them before it’s time for an update, and service plans and costs change at the same rate. Personal and business use tends to mix on mobile devices, and of course small hand-held phones are easily lost. Roaming charges, international fees, and dealing with multiple vendors add to management headaches.

Mobile Expense Management

Mobile expense management is a software-based solution that brings policy implementation and auditing capabilities to help enterprises manage their mobile network. The goals of mobile expense management are to:

  • Procure, optimize, and manage devices and plans at maximum costs savings
  • Invoice auditing, optimization, chargeback allocations to deliver comprehensive management of mobile assets
  • Create and track a company-wide mobile usage policy
  • Detailed independent reporting

This system streamlines and centralizes data on invoice auditing, departmental chargeback, usage optimization, and spending analysis.

Manage Mobile Complexity to Save Time and Money

For most enterprise IT departments, managing mobile technology falls outside the usual skill sets involved in the data network. Likewise, financial and billing departments basically need a specialist to deal with the intricacies of mobile services.
With a tight economy and surge in the use of mobile technology, now is the time for businesses to establish a mobile expense management system.

Available as software as a service (SaaS), a mobile expense management system takes care of many routine but time consuming management tasks, while also bringing ROI with optimization strategies and cost-cutting measures.

Your business will be empowered with information on:

  • The costs and activities of individual users
  • Different services and which best fit your business needs
  • How to integrate your entire telecom environment
  • Asset management and compliance information
  • Cross-vendor flexibility for analysis and comparison

The reality is that dealing with the myriad of issues that surround mobile technology and services is not a core competency of most businesses, and the time consuming management is not a high value-add activity.

However, the ROI on an effectively managed and properly budgeted mobile network is undeniable. With a mobile expense management solution, enterprises can access data that informs them they are getting the most out of their mobile network, while having to invest the least amount of resources to pull the data together.

With key aspects of mobile technology converging in business strategy and practice, now is the time to put a comprehensive mobile expense management system in place.